Final reflection part 2: Tools

Throughout the course we have used a range of tool and platform. In this part of the reflection I am going to be reflecting on the following tools.

Google forms:

It was my first time using google forms, so I did not have any prior experience on how to create anything on it. I found using to create the game challenging and so did my partner, we could not really understanding how to put the choices in the scenarios using this platform, therefore our first draft of our game did not work. Consequently, we transitioned to google slides to create the game. However, even though I found it challenging to manage and create a working game using this platform, I gained some idea of the basics of how this platform work. Which I think is beneficial, as I know I will use google forms to create surveys for research purposes in my future courses.

Google slides:

I have used google slides previously, however, I never knew that it was possible to create a game on it, so this so fascinating to me. I really liked google slides for creating the game over google forms as I found it easier to understand and work with. Through using google slides we finally got our game to work, and so in the future if I ever get a chance to create a game again I will surely use google slides.

Google document

I am frequent user of google documents, it is a platform that I really enjoy using as it very user friendly. However, it my first using it to comment on a share document, for example like the syllabus annotation assignment. Even though, it was first time using for such purpose, I found really straight forward and easy to comment and highlight unlike hypothesis website.


I have never used slack prior to this course, however, I really enjoyed using it as it was so user friendly. The whole process of setting it up and using was easy and smooth, which I really liked. Additionally, I liked how there was a number of different channels for the different themes such soliya, classroom etc. I felt like this categorisation and grouping helped everything to me more organised, for example if I wanted to see or ask something related to soliya I would to the soliya channel and find what I want immediately. Instead of going through the whole chat to find what I am looking for. Slack is so similar to what’s app in my opinion as it offers almost the same features such send pictures,videos, audio messages and text messages. However, I found to more finding to the academic environment we are in as it does not use our phone numbers.


I have used zoom a lot over the past couple of years, and I have a lot in this course as well for make up classes and soliya. I think zoom is a very convenient and easy to use platform as it does require many steps to set-up and use. In is convenient as I can join a messaging from literacy anywhere, also in convenient for this course as we got to meet and talk to people from all over the world, which otherwise would have not been possible. I would say the limitation to zoom is the internet connectivity and limited human interaction.


Hypothesis was my least favourite tool we have used this semester. This is I found it very confusing and unorganized, from setting it up to operating with it. I was so confused when I was using it as I did not know if I was in the correct reading link or not, as since it was shared with so many people are previous years and classes. Additionally, this over sharing of the reading was confusing as when I first commented on the reading, I could not see my name or comment on the side , so I had write it a couple of times until I final saw comment. I will definitely it use again willingly.

Overall I think I got to use and discover a number of tools. I think I managed to use most of them smoothly and easily, however,there are some that I struggled a bit with but managed to finish the required task on them regardless. Additionally, I have gained some basic knowledge about the tools that I did not like, so even if I have to use them in the future I will have an idea of how they work. There are number of tools that I will definitely continue to use in the future such google docs,slides and zoom due to their connivance and user friendliness.

3 thoughts on “Final reflection part 2: Tools

  1. Habiba, thanks for this reflection
    Please revise it as there are many many many typos, and even though it won’t affect your grade, it is important for a serious student like you to be careful of these little things because a typo can change the meaning completely


    1. Hi Dr, I know this post not the best in quality compared with my other blogs. This is because I initial did a video but whenever I tried to upload it, it would fail because it was along video. So I wrote this blog in hurry before the end line, this is why it has so many typos. Do you want me to correct/edit these typos ?


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