What I hear when say Reflection

“Feminism” was the video that grabbed my attention due to the controversy of this topic. Feminism is term that is used often, however, many still do not know its definition. I really liked when Phoebe touched on the idea that many people, and especially some women do not like to identify at feminists. That is due to the stigma and stereotypes related it. I have witnessed times where when people say that they are feminist, other would give a weird or disgusted look, especially men.

Another point that I really liked is when Kristen talked about intersectional feminism. How your culture, experience and the way you view life defines what feminism is to you. I think many people just think that feminism is rebelling against the system and having a certain ideology that all women follow. While in reality feminism is very diverse, but it aims to achieve one goal,and that is giving women a choice.

Kristen also mention an example that reminded of what we discussed in class about the types of micro aggression and internalized oppression. That is at the age of 12 she idolized the idea of virginity, and thought that she would be a “Whore” is she explores her sexuality.


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